2.06 Adjunct Income Eligibility

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2.0       Eligibility/Certification

2.06    Adjunct Income Eligibility (Rev 2/21)                          

PURPOSE:  To allow automatic income eligibility for the WIC Program, for those applicants who are determined adjunctively income eligible.


Applicants shall be considered adjunct income eligible:

  • if they are recipients of one of the following Department of Social Services (DSS) programs:
    • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) (must be certified as fully eligible to receive SNAP)
    • TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) (must be certified as fully eligible or presumptively eligible pending completion of the eligibility determination process to receive TANF)
    • Medicaid (Medical Assistance under Title XIX) (must be certified as fully eligible or presumptively eligible pending completion of the eligibility determination process to receive Medicaid) in the following programs and approved aid category codes:
ProgramAid Category Code
Blind Person21
Blind Person22
Disabled Person31
Disabled Person32
Home & Community Based Services-Child35
Home & Community Based Services-Child37
Low Income Family40
Transitional Medicaid Benefits41
Automatic Newborn45
Pregnant Woman46, 77
Pregnant Woman – Postpartum47
Foster Care53, 54, 57
Subsidized Adoption67
Unborn child-Limited Pregnancy79
Refugee Resettlement Program90, 91

Note:  For other Medicaid programs not listed above, staff will need to determine family income for WIC eligibility.

  • Or a member of a family that has one of the following:
    • A pregnant woman or infant receiving Title XIX Medicaid with approved AID Category Code (see above)
    • A member who receives SNAP
    • A member who receives TANF


Members of families enrolled in identified adjunct eligible programs are required to make a verbal declaration of income, (for reporting purposes only- do not scan income documentation) as well as provide verification of enrollment as noted below.

Enrollment should be documented for all of the below programs the participant is participating in by checking the “Yes” box on the income screen in SDWIC-IT.

Verification should only be performed for ONE program. Do not verify multiple forms of income.

  • Medicaid Identification Card for South Dakota
    • Use SD Medicaid Online Portal
      • If card is not present, a form of identification with the person’s name and address may be used to look up the person in the South Dakota Medicaid Online Portal.  The name and address in the portal must match the name and address on the identification provided. Or;
    • Call 1-800-452-7691 for eligibility information
    • Provide NPI # 1831113315
  • SNAP Notification
  • Letter of verification from the Department of Social Services/TANF

7 CFR Part 246.7 (d)(2)(vi)
WIC Policy Memorandum 99-06

Cross Reference:
2.04 Income Determination
2.05 SD WIC Income Guidelines
2.08 Family Size

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