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The South Dakota WIC Program supports breastfeeding as the ideal method of infant feeding for the first twelve months of life or as long as mutually agreeable between mother and child.  If a mother is unable or chooses not to breastfeed, WIC will provide infant formula.

We recognize that parents look to their family physician in their decisions regarding feeding their infants. For your WIC mothers who are unable to breastfeed or choose not to, we ask that you recommend the standard contract WIC formula unless a medical condition contraindicates its use.  

WIC can only provide formula other than the contract when a physician determines the child has a medical condition that contraindicates use of the contract formula and writes a prescription for another formula. Please use the South Dakota Department of Health Medical Documentation Form to request a special formula. All such requests must be reviewed and approved by a WIC Registered Dietitian or WIC nursing staff. If WIC receives a written request for a standard non-contract infant formula other than Enfamil Infant or Enfamil Prosobee (e.g. Similac or Isomil) or if the written request lists no specific medical reason, a Registered Dietitian or nurse will contact the physician’s office for clarification. WIC cannot provide a formula other than the contract formula to a WIC infant due to physician or caregiver preference. Other rebatable formulas include Enfamil Gentlease, Enfamil AR, Enfagrow Toddler Transitions, and Enfagrow Soy Toddler Transitions.


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