Infant Nutrition

Looking after a little one.

The infancy stage is crucial for growth and development. Babies need proper care to ensure a positive first few years. That’s why South Dakota WIC encourages new mothers to make good food decisions.

Keep the following guidelines in mind when feeding your infant:

  • Consider breastfeeding – it’s the best way to get your new baby the nutrients it needs to grow strong.
  • Not all babies require food at the same frequency – you should average about 12 feedings a day (or once every few hours) when your infant stirs or gets fussy due to hunger. Older infants may feed less often in greater amounts.
  • Infants are good at eating the amount that they need to be satisfied – to ensure your baby is getting proper nutrition, keep an eye out to make sure he or she is gaining weight steadily and (after the first week) is wetting about six times daily and stooling about three times daily.

Remember: The nutrition decisions you make during infancy will affect your child once he or she grows up – feed smart!

For more information on feeding your infant, contact your local WIC office to speak with a health professional.

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