Shopping With Your eWIC Benefits Card

A safe and convenient way to use your WIC benefits!

You may only use your eWIC card at any approved South Dakota WIC Program Store:

  • Look for a South Dakota WIC Program sign placed in the window of the store
  • Find them in the provided list of vendors
  • Explore Locations online

Using Your eWIC Card

Check Your Benefits Balance

To check the balance of your benefits:

Shop For WIC Foods

Buy only what you need. You do not have to buy all your foods at one time.

Your benefits may include dry or canned beans/peas OR peanut butter. If you buy canned beans, your remaining balance is for cans, so dried beans or peanut butter cannot be purchased from that portion of the remaining balance.

At Check-Out

  1. Always use your eWIC card before your SNAP benefits or other payment option (cash, debit card, etc.) to ensure the WIC benefits for specific foods are used first.
  2. Have your eWIC card ready. Before scanning any foods, tell the cashier you are using an eWIC card.
  3. When the cashier tells you, slide your card in the eWIC device or hand your eWIC card to the cashier.
  4. Enter your PIN and press the enter button on the keypad.
  5. The cashier will scan your food. The number of approved food items and the dollar amount of fresh, frozen or canned vegetables and fruits you purchase will be deducted from your benefits account.

Keep Your Receipt

The cashier will give you a receipt that shows your remaining benefits balance and the date your benefits expire.

Tips for Taking Care of Your eWIC Card

  • Keep your card safe and clean.
  • Keep your card away from items such as magnets, cell phones, TVs and microwaves.
  • DO NOT write your PIN on your card.
  • DO NOT give your PIN to anyone that you do not want to use your card.
  • DO NOT bend your card.
  • DO NOT place your card in direct sunlight, such as on a car’s dashboard.
Table of product conversions that helps shoppers read their grocery receipt

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PIN (personal identification number)?

A PIN is a four-digit secret number that, along with the card, allows access to the food benefits and customer service.

  • Choose four numbers that are easy for you to remember, but hard for someone else to figure out.
  • Don’t choose a year like your birthday or anniversary for you or other family members.
  • Do not give your PIN to anyone that you do not want to use your card. If someone knows your PIN and uses your card to get your food benefits without your permission, those benefits will not be replaced.
  • Do not write your PIN on your card or keep your PIN in your wallet or purse.

What if I forget my PIN?

For assistance: call 1-877-231-9314, visit, or visit a WIC clinic near you.

What if I enter the wrong PIN?

DO NOT try to guess your PIN. If the correct PIN is not entered on the 4th consecutive try, your PIN will be locked. This is done for your protection so someone else may not receive your food benefits. You will have to wait until after midnight for your account to unlock to try again.

What should I do if someone finds out my PIN?

If someone uses your card and PIN, your BENEFITS WILL NOT BE REPLACED. Immediately call customer service at 1-877-231-9314 and change your PIN.

What should I do if I lose my card?

If someone uses your card and PIN, your BENEFITS WILL NOT BE REPLACED. Immediately contact your local WIC clinic to change the status of your card. If the clinic is closed, leave a message or call 1-800-738-2301. You may also leave a message at this number.

How will I get benefits with my eWIC Card?

Benefits will be in your household food account immediately following your appointment or the beginning date of the first time you received WIC services. Benefits are good for 30 days and will expire at 11:59 pm on the 30th day. As approved foods are purchased, these items will be deducted from the available balance.

How will I know my food account balance?

After using your eWIC card at the store, your receipt will show your remaining balance. You can also find the balance using the SD WIC Mobile App, MyWIC Client Portal, or the eWIC device at the store. We recommend checking your balance before you shop.

What happens if the eWIC device at the store is not working?

If available, try another eWIC device or you can go to another participating store.

What if my card won’t work?

Please contact your local WIC clinic.

What should I do with my card after my benefits are used?

SAVE your eWIC card! Even when your WIC foods are used, your card is reusable. Your next benefits will be purchased with the same eWIC card.

If I do not use all of my benefits, will they roll over to the next month?

No. Benefits that are not used will expire on the ending date.

eWIC Customer Service

Available 24 Hours a Day/7 Days a Week

For assistance: call 1-877-231-9314, visit, or visit a WIC clinic near you.

Before calling customer service or visiting the website, please have your 16-digit card number available. You will get four (4) chances to enter your card number and PIN before being disconnected.

To report fraud, call 1-800-424-9121 or visit

Participant Responsibilities

  • Treat all WIC staff, store employees, and other WIC participants kindly and with respect
  • Ensure family member that is eligible for the WIC Program is the person using the WIC foods received
  • Do not participate in the WIC Program at more than one WIC office 
  • Keep all appointments including certifications, assessments, and nutrition education
  • Bring an eWIC card to each appointment. If the card is lost multiple times, additional training will be required
  • Notify the WIC clinic if income, address, phone number, or the number of family members changes
  • Do NOT buy, sell, return, or trade any benefits or eWIC Card
  • Select the least expensive food item so that all eligible WIC participants can continue to receive WIC services