Approved Food Guide

Fully Breastfeeding Women & Infants

WIC Food Packages Support Breastfeeding!

Fully breastfeeding women who DO NOT receive formula from WIC will receive the largest amount and variety of foods.

Canned Fish for Women

  • 5 oz Cans
  • Any Brand
  • Packed in Water or Oil
  • 3.75 oz Cans
  • Any Brand
  • Packed in Water or Oil
Helpful Hint Add 3 (5oz) Cans + 4 (3.75oz) Cans = 30oz
NOT Allowed
  • Albacore Tuna
  • Chunk White or Solid White Tuna
  • Flavored or Seasoned
  • Foil Packs or Pouches
  • Organic

Infant Meats

Allowed(2.5oz Glass Jars Only)
  • Any Plain Meat
  • Broth or Gravy
Infant meats
NOT Allowed
  • Added Noodles, Pasta, Rice
  • Added Salt, Sugars
  • Dinners or Graduates
  • Organic or Naturals

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