Cashier Training

Educate your staff.

As a South Dakota WIC vendor, it is important to make sure your cashiers and staff know how to redeem WIC benefits.

Some helpful tips:

  • Make sure the customer has his or her WIC ID pouch and vouchers before permitting a purchase
  • Subsititions are not allowed – the foods selected on the voucher were chosen specifically for the participant
  • WIC-purchased items may not be returned for cash – an expired or spoiled product may be exchanged, but not refunded
  • Most importantly, treat WIC customers with respect and care – they are no different than any other customer

Need an assist?

There are resources available to you to help train your staff on WIC policies and procedures:

Get involved.

South Dakota WIC is always on the lookout for big-hearted stores, merchants and vendors who want to join the program and help feed South Dakota women, infants and children in need.


It’s easy to sign up. And there's no added cost to you or your business.

Interested food-sellers need to:

  • Meet certain merchandise stocking requirements
  • Sell primarily groceries (not convenience items)
  • Be accessible to WIC participants
  • And other criteria as determined by the South Dakota WIC office


Ready to be a part of the effort to promote nutritious, healthy eating in South Dakota? Apply today by contacting Retail Coordinator Renee Osterkamp at 605.773.4782 or by email.